Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A few Mozambique June 09 pics...

in my "element" with the children :-)

Shannon makin friends wherever she goes :)

Kurt praying for healing

Kurt driving across the river

setting up camp in the Bush!

boys in the church house

Baobab tree :)

coloring in..

Kids Ministry was so much fun!

Crossing the Limpopo River is always an ADVENTURE!! for the first of my trips in 3 years, not one of the vehicles got stuck!

Night Crusades, here come the masses...

Funeka having the time of her life with the beautiful child

"Let the little ones come to me" :)

oh she's so cute!


  1. really coool pics ;-) seems you having a good time ;-)

  2. Oh Sarah... you SO look in your element! :o)